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Baseball Parents: Is Your Kid Good Enough? Let's find out...



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Youth baseball is an 8-BILLION-dollar industry. WHY?? I've worked with so many parents that are frustrated and confused because no one seems to have answers to VALID questions about the spider web of travel ball. Baseball parents, I CAN guide you (and your kid) through this confusing journey. Guess what? Communication is the first step!



I don't know about you, but when I'm looking to spend money on something I do my research. I get it! Take a look at what clients are saying about my services.


Summer Program 2019


Summer program is cancelled due to obligations with the Philadelphia Phillies! Stay on the look out for more info on future classes and updates.

Summer travel ball is here! What if there was a new approach to the summer ball: baseball instruction AND a speed and agility workout in the form of position-specific classes! The best part?? These classes can be paired with any other summer plans you may already have!

Mondays: First Base

Focus skills: picks, ground balls, flips, pop-ups, bunt coverage, communication.

Tuesdays:  Outfield

Focus skills: catching pop flies, reading angles, charging ground balls, double cuts, when/how/who to back up, throwing.

Wednesday: Third Base

Focus skills: backhand, forehand, slow rollers, double plays, pop-ups

Thursdays: Catchers

Focus skills: transfers, blocking, pop-ups, picks to all bases, receiving, communication

Fridays: Middle infielders

Focus skills: double plays, ground balls (all sides), timing plays, communication, pop-ups

Saturdays: Live Pitching

Focus skills: Live hitting/Live pitching from 60' 6"

Class Information

Classes are 5 players max per class, 2 hours per day, and offered each week from June 3 - August 3 (9 weeks). The first hour is position-specific field work with Casey, followed by an hour of position-specific speed and agility workouts with emphasis on flexibility with Jake Dawson.

Time: Monday-Saturday, 9am-11am

Location: Northeast High School (click here for directions)

Ages: 12-13 (big field)

About Jake Dawson

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  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified

  • Position-Specific Training

$75 per class

(you're welcome!)


I spend at least 10 hours a day in the south Florida sun every day, except Sundays. I do individual baseball instruction, helping kids get better and advancing in the game. I played minor league baseball for 5 years, and it was the best thing I ever did. I never made it to the MLB but I learned so much about the game through different pitching and hitting coaches, and I had the ability to retain an overwhelming amount of information. I also communicate this information with passion through my business, Clary Baseball. Player development is one of my specialties and educating parents about the realities of baseball is a unique niche. I keep the harsh reality of baseball relevant and I’m honest in my feedback. I’ve worked with hundreds of ball players over the last 9 years, and I’ve consulted with many parents who have questions about their ball player. My job is to get players better by identifying areas of improvement, capitalizing on strengths, and keeping parents educated in this new age baseball “spider web” industry. I enjoy navigating parents through the ups and downs of travel baseball, travel showcases, specialty coaches, and give guidance to the money they may (or may not) need to spend.




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