Travel Ball

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Where do you start the navigation process of the multi-billion dollar industry of travel baseball, mixed with a glaring need to see improvement through any available options? For most baseball parents, there are certainly a lot of questions, but there aren't many (truthful) answers. 

I'm not against travel ball, it can be a valuable tool for some players. Kids can play travel ball and do well, but it's not for every player. Most kids aren't ready to show case. They need to work on the skills required to play at a high level. That's where private instruction can help.


Think about this: your kid is a middle infielder. He has a 5 game tournament weekend. How many ground balls did he receive? +/- 8? How many ABs? +/- 12? What if your kid is an outfielder!? Fly balls? +/- 5?

Do you know if your kid is READY to receive 5 ground balls, or 5 fly balls? Does he know how to field a ground ball properly? Catch a fly ball and throw a guy out properly? Does he have a good approach before he hits?

Is travel ball teaching him how to do these things PROPERLY? Experience tells me the answer is NO.


What's the solution? Call me!