What Are My Clients Saying?

I am passionate about what I do. This is NOT a J-O-B to me. This IS me. But, don't take my word for it. Listen to what my clients are saying about me.

“Coach Clary was recommended to us about six months ago by our son's high school coach. From the first day, it has been a great experience. I wish we would have met Casey 3-4 years ago. Coach challenges our son every lesson and helps him reach and exceed his goals. His pop times are down .30 and still have room to improve. His confidence his increased immensely and he was recently named Max Preps player of the game. I would recommend Coach Clary to anyone whose son is serious about catching.”

Steve Thomas, Baseball Parent

"I first ran across Casey at a Tampa Bay Warriors tryout. He was working with all the catchers, doing drills I had never seen before. My son had never had any formal training and as a catcher, certainly needed some. After just three months, his pop time decreased almost 3/10s of a second. His arm got stronger and nothing got by him. He now catches for St. Petersburg High School and is interested in playing at the college level. He continues to work with Casey and keeps getting better and better. My younger son is working with him also and at age 11 has become a dominate catcher for his team. His speed and agility behind the plate has earned him many compliments from his and opposing coaches. The way Casey is able to alter his teaching and coaching philosophies to the different age groups is what I feel sets him apart from most higher level coaches."

Mike Reith, Baseball Parent

"I would highly recommend Casey Clary as one of your best assets at developing the needed skills for the game of baseball, particularly the catching position. Casey began instructing my son, Will (NEHS), at the catching position in the spring of 2010. Right from the start it was apparent that Casey possessed the following assets:


     - A strong knowledge of "Catcher Fundamentals" and other position fundamentals.

     - Excellent knowledge of the required player "mechanics" and movements for the catcher position.

     - Coaching and training goals for him and his player that were written and worked on at each training session relative to

       development, conditioning, practice techniques, homework and more.

     - The ability to communicate the "mental game of baseball" and other "need to do's" that the player needs to know and hear from someone

       who has been there.

     - A strong work ethic and dedication to the player that is genuine and respectful.


Casey challenges the player to achieve their fullest potential both during the training session and in their long term development. His coaching insights are pragmatic and intuitive and involve getting the player to first understand the mechanics of the position and then build upon that with the mental game, practice techniques, and skill development. Players are challenged to identify their proficiencies and deficiencies throughout the training session and identify the how's and why's of what they are doing right or wrong. The player will likely leave with some homework to address these areas. By the end of the training session the player will be pumped, more confident, better skilled, and bringing his "A" game to his next ball game.


Since I've come to know Casey, I can also tell you he is a great guy who will always show respect to the player, even on those difficult days. Casey's love for baseball, catching, and the mental game of baseball keeps my son wanting to work with him. Will has benefited greatly given his success on and off the field. I would highly recommend Casey Clary as a position coach/trainer for you or your son."

Bill Condon, Baseball Parent